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we are NiSa team . we are Awesome.

We love creating innovative strategies for the web

We make difficult things easy, but never take anything lightly.

we are working on four professions now, but we want to develop our team to seven soon.

Coming Soon: Architecture & Video and Movie Editing & Learning Department

Web Developing

It’s important to be present in the digital world. Yet more important, we do it well.

Before doing there is thinking: we design the wireframe and add the graphics.
And…the customer can update the contents forever.

And How? back


It's important to be awesome, and different from all of the world, we are different.

We think different from all and we do your design different
And… we design and design until satisfy you

back And Then?


it is important to be unique and we work with the best devices, we are professional.

We manage branding strategies, packaging, identities, and cultural communication.
And… we make you unique.

And Where? back

Technical Support

It’s important to be responsible Communication evolved into conversation, we were born with this varieties.

in addition to do supporting works, all day we try to use latest methods and strategies to design better your sites.

And Else? back

we create different effects to make your website noble

Our graphic Works:
- Design posters for Sandaliha theater
- Design brochures for Jahan Sazeh Sanat
- Design catalogs for Soorin Decorative panel
- Design advertisements for Saman exchange
- Design advertisements for Avin meat market

we came up with digital strategies for each of these brands.

  • Motion

  • Beauty

  • Light

  • Ista

  • Object

in addition to computer works and web designing, we take shots according to your need, because we love to comply all your wishes

No.2, Firoozi Alley, Meqdad St., Abuzar Blvd.,Kashani Blvd, Tehran, Iran

NiSa team

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